On Thursday, my Grandma's morning yoga class got cancelled. She's been eager to see my neighborhood, so she spontaneously transferred between multiple busses & trains all the way from Englewood, NJ to Bushwick to hangout. We grabbed lunch at Tutu's and then I showed her around the neighborhood on my moped since I thought she might enjoy that a little more fun than just walking.

My favorite quality about my Grandma is that she's never afraid to try new things no matter how 'old' she is. She recently took up pottery lessons, and now (I think) she wants to get a motorcycle too 😎



Snowboarding with my high school buds.

It's been a tradition that once a year, my friends Evan, Brian, Brendan, and I get together for a trip. We shredded the pow at Snowbird, Brighton, and Solitude in Utah for a week. 

We got super lucky this year with the conditions! Nothing beats getting up to be the first in line at the chairlift & make fresh tracks on the mountains. After a solid 8 hours of riding, it was mandatory to hit the hot tub with a couple of beers. 


As a kid, my TV time was limited, but I always tried to watch Hey Arnold! onNickelodeon. One episode in particular titled ‘Pigeon Man’ really resonated with me. The message of love, acceptance, beauty and freedom still applies today.

While cruising around on my bike this week, hundreds of pigeons soared above. They entertained me with an elegant synchronized circle before landing on a roof close by inhabited by at least another couple hundred birds. Then I saw a man. The Pigeon Man was real and I knew I had to photograph him.

I locked up my bike and just this lady was about to enter the building, I sneaked in behind her and took the stairs to the top.

The pigeon man wasn’t friendly. “Do you live here? You are trespassing.” I told him a little about myself and respectfully asked for his permission to photograph him and his pigeons. He agreed to two photos only. Here they are.

Getting high AF in LA

Grateful for the helicoptor ride I took while I was in LA with my friends Sam and Dylan. We crashed an engagement photo shoot in that last photo on top of the US Bank!!

Check out more photos from the flight on my TUMBLR.

Andy Mineo Airplane run-in

Sat next to this dude, Andy Mineo, on the airplane coming back from the StreetDreamsMag events in Chicago, we had a lot of downtime because of delays due to the horrible weather and plane malfunctions- so we shared some really strong conversations about music, art, and relationships. He wrote this nice caption of me along with a quick portrait I took of him in the airplane.

I later checked out one of his music videos, and is honestly one of the coolest ones I've seen in a while. I find all the special effects along with the music to be super action packed and high energy.  Check it out here >

I graduated college with a gopro mounted to my head.

Congrats School of Visual Arts Class of 2014, we made it. Shot by Jerm Cohen with a GoPro 3+ mounted under graduation cap. Graduation Ceremony took place May 15, 2014 at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Thank you Gopro, for allowing me to document this moment to relive whenever I want to, Shouts to Drake for the song for this video 'We Made It', and thank you Stephen Frailey for giving me the best hug of my life.