Annie Hall Remake

My friends, Matt Starr & Ellie Sachs, directed a Annie Hall remake with a twist: the actors were senior citizens. Read more about the movie and how to watch it HERE.

I came on for a couple of shoot days to photograph stills of the film as well as the poster for the movie.

Children of Promise

In New York, there are 105,000+ children with an incarcerated parent.

This weekend, some friends and I got together to shoot hoops & photos with the kids at Children of Promise, NYC, which is the first and only after-school program/summer day camp for these kids that guide them on a path of a healthy and productive future.

If you’re interested in helping, #GivingTuesday is coming up on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving & there are tons of ways to contribute, peep this link for more info:


Yesterday, I had a little party on my roof to celebrate my bar-bar mitzvah aka my 26th birthday. I love my friends, family, and this city- I have so much to be grateful for. Looking forward to connecting with new people and sharing more experiences this year. <3



Last month I went camping in Iceland. S/o to my friend Caylee for putting in all the work to plan our route, Stefan for driving, and Liz for being the best travel companion.

Purim in Williamsburg

Roamed around Williamsburg during Purim with New York Nico, which happens annually on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar- which usually falls in March or April. It's the one day of the year most parents give their kids the OK to drink wine and roam free in the neighborhood.

The kids shaping the future of our world.

I had the privilege to photograph this year's 30 Global Teen Leaders (flying in from 17 different countries!) of the Three Dot Dash Just Peace Summit.

These young entrepreneurs (all between the ages of 14-19) have already impacted the world in a peaceful & positive way; check the captions for details of their individual projects.



My cousin getting Bar Mitzvah'd this weekend. #MazelTov 

Women's March

Set my alarm to 3:23am this morning so I could catch a bus & spend the day marching in D.C. for equality, respect, and dignity of all human beings.


On Thursday, my Grandma's morning yoga class got cancelled. She's been eager to see my neighborhood, so she spontaneously transferred between multiple busses & trains all the way from Englewood, NJ to Bushwick to hangout. We grabbed lunch at Tutu's and then I showed her around the neighborhood on my moped since I thought she might enjoy that a little more fun than just walking.

My favorite quality about my Grandma is that she's never afraid to try new things no matter how 'old' she is. She recently took up pottery lessons, and now (I think) she wants to get a motorcycle too 😎



Snowboarding with my high school buds.

It's been a tradition that once a year, my friends Evan, Brian, Brendan, and I get together for a trip. We shredded the pow at Snowbird, Brighton, and Solitude in Utah for a week. 

We got super lucky this year with the conditions! Nothing beats getting up to be the first in line at the chairlift & make fresh tracks on the mountains. After a solid 8 hours of riding, it was mandatory to hit the hot tub with a couple of beers. 


As a kid, my TV time was limited, but I always tried to watch Hey Arnold! onNickelodeon. One episode in particular titled ‘Pigeon Man’ really resonated with me. The message of love, acceptance, beauty and freedom still applies today.

While cruising around on my bike this week, hundreds of pigeons soared above. They entertained me with an elegant synchronized circle before landing on a roof close by inhabited by at least another couple hundred birds. Then I saw a man. The Pigeon Man was real and I knew I had to photograph him.

I locked up my bike and just this lady was about to enter the building, I sneaked in behind her and took the stairs to the top.

The pigeon man wasn’t friendly. “Do you live here? You are trespassing.” I told him a little about myself and respectfully asked for his permission to photograph him and his pigeons. He agreed to two photos only. Here they are.

Getting high AF in LA

Grateful for the helicoptor ride I took while I was in LA with my friends Sam and Dylan. We crashed an engagement photo shoot in that last photo on top of the US Bank!!

Check out more photos from the flight on my TUMBLR.